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Our Worm Castings has been approved for use in Certified Organic Crop Production - by the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association.  Paul & Leslie, owners of Fixit Farm, Inc.,  strive to produce consistently high quality Organic Worm Castings, by handling it personally from start to finish.  We incubate our own Worm Cocoons on the Farm, and we personally control all aspects of the feed/bedding for the worms, harvest process and delivery.  We sell our Fixit Soil - Worm Castings "Poo" in our Trademark white 30, 15 and 5 pound bags, as well as in bulk 1 Ton (2,000 pound) woven sacks.  Click on the Website  tab that says Retail Locations, to find the stores near you that carry our product.  We do not control price or availability in the Retail Stores.  We also deliver from our Farm, the 1 ton woven sacks of Organic Worm Castings - delivery is FREE within 100 miles of our Farm.  Please call head to get on our inventory list for Ton Sacks, as during peak growing seasons (indoors or out), quantities can be limited.  Here on the Farm, as one "tool" in our growing practice,  we have experienced some amazing vegetable & flower & herb growth by using our Worm Castings, which is full of Microbiotic Life and Organic matter.  Microbiotic life concentrated around the roots, is essential to the overall health of your plants.  If you are growing indoors, consider adding some worms.  We can give you some tips for keeping your worms happy,  and in turn they will create " indoor living soils" for your plants.  Worm Sales also peak at certain times of the growing seasons, then we have to stop selling and incubate more babies.  So call and give us a heads up on what your needs will be - going forward. 

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