Les & Paul & Worms

About Us

Leslie had lived a majority of her life in the Mountains of the Rangeley Lakes Region of Maine, and was brought up around gardening, raising cows, chickens and a whole host of other animals that lived in harmony on her family’s Homestead in Sandy River Plantation. Leslie started working by providing care for children in their homes, and went onto work in Local Government, Banking, and keeping books for family run Businesses. Leslie’s parents raised four children. Her mother Wanda worked the gardens, tended to the animals, made some of our clothes, preserved our food, keeping the root cellar and freezers fully stocked, as well as tending to the family businesses. She fit in her passion for writing anywhere she could, by writing and selling articles about our lives on the family Homestead, and her passion and knowledge of Organic Gardening. Leslie’s father Holman worked in the family Sawmill, drove logging truck, built houses and Holman & Wanda eventually started an Excavation business, which they retired from at ages 70 and 75. Both parents also passionately believed in the survival of their small Town and worked for 30 years in local Plantation Government as Treasurer, Clerk, Road Commissioner and Assessor.

Paul had lived a more Suburban life in Woburn, Massachusetts. He grew up like a lot of other neighborhood boys, fixing cars, riding dirt bikes and ATVs. Finding fields, woods and railroad tracks on which to drive their “toys” on.

Young and Old

Paul worked many different jobs, from Gas Pump Attendant, to Landscaper, to Truck Driver to Mechanic. Paul’s parents Mary and Dick raised five children. His parents encouraged him to take a two year course in Mechanics and that knowledge has served him well in many areas of his life. Paul has a inquiring mind, and if he does not understand the workings of something, whether it be an object or general problem, he will figure it out - hence his widely known Nickname “Mr Fixit”. Paul’s father Dick worked in Mass Transit, and his Mother Mary in the earlier uses of computers. They held several other positions outside of the home, with Paul’s Mother eventually starting a Day Care in their home, and raising part of the neighborhood. Paul’s parents have also been very interested in the survival of their Neighborhood and Government, and continue to be involved in many local issues. Mary loved when she was a Coach for Girls Soccer. They are very invested in their Community of Woburn, Massachusetts.


Paul and Les have continued working on the Homestead in Sandy River Plantation, Maine.  Clearing more property, adding chicken coops, an underground root cellar, adding greenhouses and expanding the gardens. They continued to work in their businesses of snow plowing, worm farming, local plumbing inspector, and other Mr Fixit type repairs and maintenance, and pretty much anything else they could do to bring in money, while continuing to develop their own Homestead. We do not pretend to know all there is to know about being the Modern Day Homesteaders, so we keep an open mind and learn as much as we can from our Elders and from the education Mother Nature bestows upon us each and everyday.