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Maine Organic Worm Farm looking to sell a successful Organic Worm Castings Business to the right person or group.

Reason for the Sale:  We are entering our 11th year and wish to Retire.  There is great demand for Organic Worm Castings, and we believe a younger group of Entrepreneurs could take this Business to the next level.

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Fixit Farm Soil

Leslie having grown up with a Mother who paid close attention to the teachings of "Mother Nature", became an Organic Gardening Guru.  We were taught that generally the man made chemical soil amendments, sometimes foul smelling, seem to always lead to unhealthy, hungry, bug-infested plants.

This schooling impressed the need to always keep a look out for any additional organic matter to grow with. From the surrounding forest, whenever we came upon it, we scooped up Moose, Rabbit, Deer poop, as well as we raised chickens and cows.  The raising of worms was a childhood source of income, for the surrounding Fishing community.

When Paul & Leslie decided to invest in a Worm Farm they soon realized they could provide Organic Fertilizer, that is non-burning, non-toxic, has a earthy scent and is     full of microbiotic life, which is essential to a healthy crop. 

The first product they created was Fixit Soil- EarthWorm Castings "poo", from the Worm Manure they harvested. The name Fixit Soil, came from the notion that the Worm produces a capsule of poop, and these “poo capsules” are so full of natural nutrients and microbiotic life, that they actually Fix and Revive your “Dead Dirt”. In turn greatly assisting in producing a healthy plant.

Your Roots Will Dig It !



            Fixit Soil ® - Worm Castings Is Approved By MOFGA for:

       Certified Organic Crop Production