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Our Fixit Soil - Worm Castings has been approved for use in Certified Organic Crop Production - by the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association.  Paul & Leslie, owners of Fixit Farm strive to produce amazing Worm Castings, by tending to all steps of the creation of Fixit Soil - our Worm Casting Product.  We incubate our own Worm Cocoons on the Farm, and we personally control all aspects of our business from hatch to delivery.  We sell our Fixit Soil - Worm Castings in our Trademark 30, 15 and 5 pound bags, as well as in bulk 1 Ton (2,000 pound) woven sacks.  We sell in many Retail stores, click on the Website  tab that says Retail Locations.  We do not control price or availability in the Retail Stores.  We also sell from our Farm, current retail pricing from our Farm for Bags is:  30 pound/$20.00; 15 pound/$15.00; 5 pound/$7.50.  We also allow people to come to the Farm with their own containers and purchase in bulk.  Please call head as quantities can be limited.  Here on the Farm we have experienced some amazing vegetable & flower growth by using a third product (potting soil mix) we have created...After the harvest of Worm Castings, the "Worm Bed Tailings" (left over product) - has proven to retain great resources of nutrients and microbiotic life in of itself.  We are also selling this "Worm Bed Tailings" in bulk by bringing your own container to the Farm for it to be filled, or we will deliver it in 1 Ton (2,000 pound) woven sacks.  We also sell our Worms as Fish Bait  in our Trademark bait cups called Got ME Bait.  Click Retail tab to find stores carrying our Fish Bait.  We sell Fish Bait in bulk from the Farm.  Please call ahead for availability.  Dealers for Got ME Bait or Fixit Soil - Worm Castings please contact us for Special Pricing.  Thanks to all of you  - for your support!

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